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Ken is an exceptional real estate professional

V Newton, Albuquerque, NM (Buyer)

"Ken is an exceptional real estate professional;l.  He is very  personable, friendly, and has an excellent command of real estate law.   Ken's follow up to my requests is very timely, straight forward and  thorough.  Ken really listens to what his clients requests/needs are in  making a home purchase and becomes an advocate in achieving your goal.   Ken's knowledge of community resources, ranging from accessing  utilities, to painters, to house cleaners as well as others, is  excellent. Ken both buys and sells real estate so he understands the  excitement, as well as the anxiety and stress, the buyer may experience  in the process and is appropriately supportive.  I needed the closing of  my home purchase to occur as quickly as possible because I was moving  across the country and had sold my current home.  I believe if it were  not for Ken and his persistent follow up it likely would have been weeks  later.  I highly recommend Ken and his real estate services."

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